Galway Cycle 2018 Update

So to catch you all up on the latest developments on Galway Cycle 2018, Friends of the Coombe were selected at the AGM as our charity partner for 2018.  They put forward a very deserving project, for which we hit the road now, ahead of the Cycle Weekend, which will take place 6th-8th April, 2018.

We also realise that updates have been a little sparse to the website to date, and let’s just say watch this space, as an explanation will be forthcoming soon!

Order your Galway Cycle Hoodies now!!!!

Want an extra hoodie?  Or hoodies for the kids?  Now’s your chance to order one.  While all registered participants will receive a hoodie as part of their registration, for the 30th Galway Cycle, we’re offering you the chance to buy additional limited edition souvenir hoodies, and it’s as simple as selecting the size you want from the appropriate menu below, and clicking Buy Now!  Prices for the hoodies are as follows:

  • Adult Hoodie: €25
  • Child Hoodie: €15

Size guide for the Children’s Hoodies is available here

If you have any questions about the hoodies and ordering them, please contact Any ordered hoodies will be available for collection at the final open meeting, on April 4th.

Adult Hoodies



Child Hoodies

Unfortunately the deadline for ordering hoodies for children has passed, as the order had to be placed further in advance with our supplier.  If you are looking at purchasing for an older child, you may be able to order a smaller-sized adult hoodie as an alternative (see above).

GC2017 update!

Open Meeting 
The first Open Meeting for Galway Cycle 2017 is due to take place on Tuesday the 31st of January at 7:30 p.m. in JH1. This meeting is an opportunity for both cyclists and collectors or anybody else who may be interested in joining us this year to come along and find out more. We will be giving an overview of the weekend so you know what to expect. We will also have representatives from this years charity the National Rehabilitation Hospital Paediatric Unit to share some more with you.   
As you should be aware registration for GC 2017 is open. Please follow the link above to register if you are planning on joining us but haven’t yet done so. The deadline to register is Friday February 3rd so make sure to get in early.

Upcoming Fundraising Events 
The annual table quiz is due to take place at the end of the month on Tuesday the 31st of January. This coincides with the Open Meeting so please do join us afterwards in Brady’s Clockhouse Pub on the Main Street in Maynooth for a fun filled evening. This event is due to kick off at 9p.m.

Training Update 
Training cycles have officially commenced so I hope you are all ready to get back on your bike. Departure is at 10am sharp so please be there at least 15 minutes early. Remember that it is mandatory for all cyclists to have valid Cycling Ireland insurance for the training cycles. Please bring a copy of your number (printed or on your phone) for your first training spin and we will give you a sticker for your helmet so that we know for future training spins. If you have any queries/questions feel free to email

Galway Cycle 2017 Starts Here!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re on the road to Galway Cycle 2017!  At the AGM on Thursday November 3rd, the incoming committee for 2017 were elected, and the voting membership selected the recipient charity for the 2017 cycle, namely the National Rehabilitation Hospital’s Paediatric Unit.

As mentioned, the committee for 2017 was elected, namely:

  • President: Samantha Ward
  • Vice President: Martin Rocks
  • Secretary: Emer Gilmartin
  • Treasurer: Nancy O’Hara
  • Webmaster: Paddy Walsh
  • Head of Fundraising & PR: Louise Sullivan
  • Head of Food Committee: Ann Marie Brennan
  • Head of Training: Bill Watson
  • Head of Support Committee: Aidan Harper

Keep an eye out for further updates, including fundraisers, training updates, charity information, registration opening, and lots more!!  Also, if you of anyone you know think you would like to help out with PR/Fundraising/Food Committee, please contact the representative committee head(s),, or the Galway Cycle via Facebook!

Open Meeting – JH1, 7:30pm, Feb 16th 2016

GC 2016 is  getting ever closer, and as part of the preparations, our next open meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday February 16th.
This meeting is aimed at all collectors and cyclists, and will consist primarily of an information night, but is also a great way to get to know the people you have been, and will be, cycling with off the bike – people look different without lycra, believe it or not, and it’ll be street clothes for Galway on the Saturday.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend, whether you’ve registered for the first time, have yet to decide to take the plunge (do it!), or have 20+ cycles under your belt already!  In the case that you’re on the fence still, this would be a great time to talk to people about the weekend itself, and convince yourself (as if it were needed) that you should be coming along!  It’s also a great way to talk to people about ideas for fundraising, and all other aspects of the cycle and the weekend.
The meeting will be chaired by Aaron D’Arcy (this year’s president), and a rough agenda for the evening is below:
  • Roxy will speak about training, both so far and what is to come
  • A representative from DSI present outlining what exactly the money raised will go towards, and why we are in fact cycling to Galway and back!

There will also be a short support crew meeting afterwards.

So make sure to come along and meet your GC compatriots, as well as a reminder of why you’re cycling 400km (or supporting it if you’re a collector!)