Fundraising Ideas

Tips for getting sponsorship

The first thing is not to be shy about asking friends and family.  This is a very worthy cause and people are happy to give what they can and when you’re in Monroe’s in Galway on the Saturday night as the cheque is presented you’ll get all the reassurance you’d wish as to the good work you’ve done and the importance of your efforts.

Set up an online fundraising page. (e.g. mycharity, idonate, etc.)


Log on to EverydayHero (please register if you are a first time user of the system). Firstly, select “Create a fundraising goal”. Then, set a page title, and search for and select “NRH Foundation” as the charity you are raising for.  You will be prompted to choose an event, or to indicate that you are “doing your own thing” – select “doing your own thing”, and just ensure that your title includes Galway Cycle.  Click Create Event once done on this screen. From this point you should have the basics done, and be good to go, just personalise your page and start spamming the link to all your friends!

Organise a table quiz in your local pub/club. Go around local businesses and ask them for prizes, hairdressers, beauticians, pharmacies and local restaurants are usually happy to supply something. Make sure you approach with a smile, and mention that it is to benefit ye Galway cycle in aid of the specified charity. The Galway cycle will mention all contributors on the website and facebook page, with a few hundred members this is a great advertisement for a local business.
If you need help with questions please contact a member of the committee.

Do a “static cycle”. hese are a great way of raising money for the cycle and tend to do very well for an hour or two’s work! If you are interested, contact or

If you work in a customer facing job, in the service or hospitality sector ask your employer if you can leave a Galway Cycle charity bucket in a prominent place for a while. This earns great money and is a very small amount of effort for you! It is also a talking  point with customers to encourage them to take part or support in the future!

Christmas Jumper Day Organise a non-uniform or “Casual Friday” day at work to help raise some money for your sponsorship.



If you work in a corporate environment there are loads of opportunities to raise money for the Galway cycle.

  • Dine in the Dark Event with The Irish Guide Dogs Incorporating blindfolds into a dinner party or social event is a great way to get first hand experience of what it would be like for those using Irish Guide Dog Programmes.
  • Sponsored Doggie Walks
  • Firstly check if your company has a donation matching scheme. This means whatever you contribute the company will match, so this means a double donation coming from you! Sometimes the charity has to be a charity registered on the company’s system (all the charities gc supports are officially registered charities). If the charity is not on your companies list of registered charities enquiry how to register a charity. We will help in any way we can 🙂
    If and when the charity is registered with your company you can then claim your donation matching.  You may need to supply proof that you have donated/collected the amount you wish to match.  We will supply whatever documentation is required please just let us know.
  • Jeans/casual Fridays
    A lot of companies have a jeans/casual Friday and some of them collect a donation for this from each employee. Enquire with your office’s charity committee if the Galway Cycle charity can be used for 1 or 2 of these days.
    If you don’t already have a casual Friday suggest it as a charity fundraiser! It is a really easy way to make money!
  • Link in with affinity groups
    Affinity groups are groups that are set up within your organisation (sort of like societies in college) such as women in technology, diversity and inclusion, lgbt, health, social and sports etc.. Contact these groups and ask if they would do a fundraiser in aid of the Galway Cycle charity.
  • Organise a cake sale/book sale/raffle within your company. These work in every walk of life and everyone enjoys them, make sure you get management approval before bringing in your ware. Also get as many friends to help you as possible many hands make short work!
  • Company donations/completions, this is a direct contribution by the company. You can apply directly for this. A proposal would need to be drafted and submitted, let the committee know of any support you require with this.
  • Some companies will have ‘competitions’ for donations to local clubs and charities. Again let the committee know of any of these schemes and we will assist in the application process.
  • Shake a bucket at your Christmas party/company night out. Again management approval should be sought.  If it’s a private party you should not need approval from the venue. This is a great way to make money (and new friends within your organisation) if you need support shaking the bucket on the night or collecting the money after (so you can go on to party) get a friend to assist or again contact a member of the committee!