Training Plan

Official training for Galway Cycle 2017 will begin in January. From here, distances will increase by 10km each week.

You must attend at least 2 mandatory cycles throughout the training – one in February and one in March. You have a choice of 2 weekends in each month. These cycles are enforced to ensure that all participants are comfortable with cycling in a group prior to the weekend of the cycle.

January 7th/8th Introductory 10 km and Special Day for Beginners
January 14th/15th 20 km
January 21st/22nd 30 km
January 28th/29th 40 km
February 4th/5th 50 km
February 11th/12th MANDATORY 60 km
February 18th/19th MANDATORY 60 km
February 25th/26th 70 km
March 4th/5th MANDATORY 80 km
March 11th/12th MANDATORY 90 km
March 18th/19th 100 km
March 25th/26th 110 km, last big cycle
April 2nd/3rd 60 km tapered
April 7th G DAY!! 🙂
Home again on April 9th


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